Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Its been quite some time since I’ve updated this blog and for that I apologize. 2017 was not an easy year and we are glad to be done with it and on to 2018! We had a lot of challenges in 2017 including record heat early in the summer (way too many days of 115+) and more record heat bleeding into our fall. Not to mention a plague of grasshoppers that persisted through the late summer into fall obliterating anything green except okra. It hasn’t really rained much since September and most of our fall plantings were eaten by the jumping demons. At least the birds were fat and happy! Watching the Flycatchers dip and dive for grasshoppers brought me a little too much glee.

One thing that we can always count on is oyster mushrooms! They are the work-horse of our operation and have been chugging along since mid-Sept. In addition to our weekly Sunday Farmers Market (Heirloom at the Rillito, 9-1) we also have been delivering to Time Market so if you get a mid-week hankering for shroom you can pick them up in the produce section there. Everyone is always asking about Shiitakes. They have a mind of their own but from the last two years growing them it seems they always want to poke their heads out in the Spring. Even if we start them early they just hang out in the colonization room until April then explode into production until June. We promise to have them in the Spring!

So you may of been noticing that we have lots of citrus at our stand. A few months ago we got an email out of nowhere from a fellow Aravaipa Canyon property owner. They wanted to know if we would take over management of their fruit orchard! We jumped at the opportunity to rehab this orchard in exchange for loads of beautiful fruit. In addition to the citrus we will also have persimmons, pomegranates, quince, apples, pears, apricots, peaches and figs. WOW. Its deep in Aravaipa Canyon with the creek running full-time through the property. They also have a few fields for us to grow other crops in so we will be taking full advantage of that. We have some exciting projects coming up this summer that we will share with you all soon. Below are all pictures shot at the Orchard.

Onto what we have growing in our fields. Greens, greens and more greens. In about a month we will have spinach, baby salad mix, stir-fry mix & arugula. Roots, roots and more roots! Beets, radishes and turnips are on the way. We look forward to offer these cool weather yummies again.

Thats all for now, thanks for checking in!

-Nicole, Andrew & Willy