Another June is upon us. As the 100 degree weather descends we try our best to get everything done before 11am, waking around 4am before the suffocating heat sets in. Mornings in June are quite pleasant. The dry cool air feels refreshing and it makes me grateful we don’t have much humidity here in the desert southwest. We retreat into the house  (and I’m SO HAPPY it’s a house this year, not an RV) for the heat of the day and take a siesta. It’s during these hot months we catch up on movies, reading and sleep. 

(June sunsets)
(Monsoon clouds)

In June it’s a real challenge keeping everything watered so we invested into some extensive drip irrigation for most of our crops. So far it’s been a real time save for watering. As always each June we are looking up to the sky and squinting for those monsoon clouds…. sniffing the air for the scent of Creosote (the quintessential desert plant that produces our rain smell). This week is 110+ for days on end, so the rains are near! 

(Basil on drip, yay!)

Our days have mostly been trying to keep up with the weeds and succession plant so we have a steady  supply of produce through the monsoon season. Right now we have lots of basil, squash and okra coming in. Also we have zinnias coming along as well. In a few weeks we will be planting beans and watermelons as well as more summer squash and cucumbers. Soon we will see you all at the market with a beautiful abundant table. 

(Okra seedlings)

(Lots of squash!)

(Baby zinnias!)

Thanks for checking in! And get outside and do a rain dance for us! 
-Nicole, Andrew & Willy