Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated the blog in awhile, we have been swamped this winter….and all of a sudden its Spring in the Sonoran Desert. Along with the usual distractions of running a farm we started the process of getting a house up here. We have been living full time in an RV for the past 7 months and have worked very hard to manifest our first house together. This is BIG news and we are so stoked to have finally accomplished it! Now we will have the space to host volunteers or employees in our RV comfortably and get some much needed help. 

BEFORE: Old Moldy in all his Glory

DURING: RIP Old Moldy 

AFTER: 😁😁😁😁

We also started renovation on an old building on the property, The Crap Shack as we lovingly refer to it as. My brother Paulie is turning it into a packing shed complete with a walk-in cooler, tool storage and washing station. We are so excited to be working on such an important peice of infrastructure on the farm. Also a big thanks to Clinton & Pete for lending a hand!

We have been churning out tons of greens, turnips, radishes and mushrooms for the past few months. With the warmer weather creeping in we are gearing up for Spring planting. Before we know if we will be wrapping up bouquets of flowers again! We have been letting our arugula flower so the hungry bees have something to eat. I’ve even spotted the first butterfly of the season on the wildflowers in our field. 

Our wonderful Farmers Market managers visited last May and made an  promotional video featuring us for the “Know Your Farmer” series. We love our market managers and all the hard work they put forth into promoting the vendors. Thanks Nick, Pedro, Zoe & Roxanne, you guys rock! Check out the link below for the video:

Know Your Farmer Video
Onto what’s growing. Of course we will continue to have lots of arugula and salad mix. Spinach and Bok Choi is on the way and more turnips & radishes as well. Shiitake mushrooms of course are taking they’re sweet time. I know you all are waiting patiently and we appreciate it! They are trickier than the oyster mushrooms and we are still learning as we go. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait!!

That’s all for now, thanks for checking in 🙂

-Nicole, Andrew & Willy with special guests Paulie & Lauren!