The other night we got our first sweet taste of winter. The temperature dropped down and our flowers finally said farewell. They had an incredible season and brightened many people’s homes in the six months we harvested them for. Next year we hope to offer more varieties of cut flowers in addition to zinnias and sunflowers. Now it’s time to pull out this year 6ft tall zinnias which resemble small trees! 

We are transitioning now onto greens and roots! We have a beautiful crop of purple top turnips coming in and boy are they yummy. The greens when cooked just melt in your mouth. 

Our arugula is taking off beautifully. It has the perfect blend of spice with the cooler weather. 

Radishes are coming along and we will have lots of Easter Egg radishes at the market beginning next week. 

Also we have collards coming in nicely, keep an eye out for them in the next few weeks.

The oyster mushrooms have been flourishing in the cooler weather. They are taking on a darker color and are much thicker and meatier with the cool nights. Our shrooms get lots of fresh air and filtered sunlight which is what makes them super packed with vitamins and minerals. We keep them as close as we can to they’re natural growing environment which keeps our shrooms happy and healthy.

Shiitakes had a set-back with the crazy hot temperatures in October. It was so hot that we started have sunflower and tomatoes seedlings sprouting in the field! Now that it cooled off we will be attempting another shiitake grow so it’s looking around January we may have them. 

Soon we will be offering our tender baby salad mix as well as our heartier stir fry mix (kale, mustard, tat soi). Also we will be planting sugar snap peas, spinach, yukina (and awesome Asian green similar to tat-soi), and beets. 

That’s all for now, thanks for reading! 

-Nicole & Andrew