Finally we can all take a collective deep breath in….summer is behind us. Soon the cottonwood leaves will be changing to a golden yellow, the grass will be going dormant (thank god, less weeding!) and we can start making those hearty root vegetable stews.

Mushrooms have returned with the cooler temperatures! We have had oyster mushrooms at the markets for the past few weeks and our customers couldn’t be happier. We cultivate our mushrooms with minimal climate control and mimic closely how they grow in nature, with other beneficial bugs and plants in the greenhouse. This we believe is why we have the biggest, hardiest shrooms I’ve ever seen not in the wild! The shiitakes need a cooler environment then the oysters so keep an eye out for them in the late fall/early winter.

These last few weeks Nicole’s parents came for a visit from Long Island. They have been an incredible help on the farm and tackled a huge wood stacking project that has been haunting us since May. We had all of our cottonwood trees trimmed and had the wood sitting around all summer as we got inundated with weeding and harvesting crops. It took about 6 full days of stacking a burning to clean it all up! Having that project behind us feels awesome! Check out the before and after pictures below…



Now onto what’s growing. We have an epic amount of arugula coming in. Arugula is so fast growing that we barely had to weed it as it grew taller then the late summer weeds in a matter of weeks. Look for it this Sunday (10/16) at the Market. Also coming up soon is our beautiful Easter Egg and French Breakfast radishes. These are a hit with everyone including children, who delight in the bright multicolor bunches. Turnips are soon the follow along with collards, beets, salad greens and our hardy greens mix (baby kale, tat-soi and mustards).

(Arugula, turnips and collards)

And wow, let me take a moment to talk about our sugarbaby watermelons. I’ve pretty much been averaging eating  a watermelon a day for the past couple of weeks. This awesome variety has seeds like an old-fashioned watermelon and a very sweet flesh that goes all the way down to the rine. You know they’re good when even a baby will gobble a few slices down (that is our adorable niece Jenny below).

Of course basil and zinnias are still chugging away. I will never tire of taking zinnia pictures and standing in the rows with the butterflies and bees. And yes, that is the basil hedge next to the zinnias which are taller then me at this point.

This summer squash and purple hulled peas are still making appearance at our table but not for long. This summer crops are coming to an end so enjoy them while you can.

These next few weeks will include lots of planting and hopefully less weeding with the cooler temps. We will see you all at the markets, thanks for checking in on us!

-Nicole, Andrew, Willy and special guests Mom and Dad