Greetings from the Amaranth Capital of America! Summer is coming to a close and we are dreaming of the day the grass and amaranth go dormant. This summer brought close to 13 inches of rain to us in the lower San Pedro  Valley. While the green is absolutely beautiful it’s sure does make weeding hard but we sure do cherish those balmy green summer days. The garden is a wild feral thing and we love it! 

Along with the rain came some epic flooding. Our road washed out numerous times and water started flowing through the farm in ways we’ve never seen! Awesomely though a lot of it flowed right into our raised beds. Not very cool was when it flooded the mushroom shed! Silver lining  was that we were able to come up with some plans for some swales, a permaculture approach to diverting water where it’s most needed. Another winter project to add to the list.

In other news Andrew and I were able to take a vacation together! We spent some time visiting family and friends on Long Island and it was wonderful. Lots of swimming, relaxing and of course visiting farms. It’s been years since Andrew took a vacation so this was a well deserved trip. Before he left he planted watermelon, okra, butternut squash, black eyed peas summer squash. Everything was put on timers and fingers were crossed. We got back and everything was doing amazing!! We had to dig it all out from under crab grass and amaranth but the seedlings survived to our relief. Our awesome friend Jeau came by every few days to check on things and cut flowers. Thank you Jeau, we couldn’t of done it without you!! 

Speaking of flowers we have a TON of them. The zinnias planted in Spring are taller than me and producing in epic proportions. The Persian carpet zinnias finally caught up and we are selling bouquets of them at the markets. Also we will have another round of sunflowers coming up this fall so keep your eyes open for them. 

Oh! Mushrooms are on the way! They are currently colonizing and should be popping out in a few weeks. Look for oysters in mid-September and shiitakes to follow later in the fall. We are so happy to start up mushroom season!

Coming up in the next few weeks are: Black Eyed Peas, sugar baby watermelons, more patty pan and grey squash, Crenshaw melons, okra, sunflowers, shrooms, more basil and zinnias. 

I’ll leave you with this adorable box turtle that has visited us two years in a row. Cute lil fella 🙂

Thanks for reading and we will see you all at the market!!

-Nicole, Andrew & Willy