Wow! Monsoon has arrived earlier than usual dumping 4 plus inches of rain on us in 3 days!! Both Aravaipa Creek and the lower San Pedro were raging as we breathed a sigh of relief. No irrigating for a few days! (Aravaipa Creek) (San Pedro near Mammoth)All that rain brought the summer grasses out of hibrination and our land started greening up over night. It’s quite beautiful but pulling the grass out of our rows takes massive amounts of time. I pretty much have a weed whacker attached to my hip from July-September!  As the ground softened up Andrew was able to fire up our BCS walking tractor and make some new permanent raised beds for monsoon planting. Along with our trusty Earthway Seeder he was able to plant rows of watermelons and butternut squash in record time. Next up to plant is black eyed peas which were a hit last summer. We pick them while they are green and they are delicious and earthy. Look for these late August.  We are exploding with zinnias. We love bringing our colorful bouquets to market and seeing people’s faces light up when they see them. I cannot stop taking pictures of these beautiful blooms!This month Acres USA ran a story on us. Lee Allen, a local Tucson writer visited us over the winter and wrote an awesome article about mushroom growing. Thank you Lee for getting us into a national magazine!! Click on the link below to read the full article….

Acres USA Article

Over the next few weeks we will continue harvesting squash and basil  which are doing exceptionally good this season. Our tomato plants are getting heavy with green tomatoes so now we watch and wait (and trellis and weed!). That’s all for now, hope to see you all at the markets!  -Nicole, Andrew & Willy