Well folks it’s officially flower season at the farm. Sunflowers and zinnias did so well at market last year that we decided to quadruple our plantings this year. Although something ate a few rows of sunflower sprouts (they do taste exceptionally good) we were still able to grow a bunch and sold some beautiful specimens at the markets. 

Zinnias are my favorite. The colorful blooms remind me of fireworks exploding in the sky. The colors are so rich and varied. The bees and butterflies go crazy for them. We even saw our first Monarch butterfly of the season yesterday! This year in addition to our usual zinnias we planted a special variety of zinnia called Persian Carpet. They grow close to the ground and produce beautiful warm colored blooms. Think of a monsoon sunset, hues of orange and red. 

 Speaking of monsoons we are eagerly awaiting them! The temps have soared into the 110s for the last few days creating the perfect conditions for our beautiful summer storms….aaaany day now!  These hot temps have made our mushroom greenhouse into an oven. Last week was the last market for mushrooms until the fall. We had a wonderful season and produced over 1000lbs of fungi for Tucson! We are putting the spent shiitake logs under a mesquite bosque so you may see a surprise summer shiitake flush at the markets at some point.

Looking forward to the next few weeks we will have a TON of basil, summer squash and tomatoes. I am so excited for our heirloom tomatoes to really start producing. The crazy hot weather has them going a little slow but as soon as that sky opens up they will jump into action. The Nichols heirloom are my favorite. They have a thin pink skin and sweet incredible taste. We have lots coming in and we can’t wait to share them with you all!

That is all for now, thanks so much for reading!

-Nicole, Andrew, Willy & special visitor Molly