Hi everyone! Summer is almost upon us and we have been working hard to get our summer crops in the ground while also tending to the last of the spring harvests. We have pretty much been planting and weeding constantly for the past month. Things have been lean as far as what is ready for market but soon our table will be brimming with Summer’s bounty. 

Charlie and Jeau of Aravaipa Heirlooms grew us a bunch of heirloom tomato starts and we transplanted them a few weeks ago. They are also supplying us with sweet pepper starts as well. Last years tomato seedlings from them produced in epic proportions and we are excited to grow them again! We plant our seasonal veggies outside so they receive the full benefit of the natural sun and nutrients found in the soil. This also stewards the land we farm on creating wonderful healthy soil that will be around for years to come. 

This year we planted a variety of flowers for bouquets. First up at the market will be calendula. They are teeny tiny now but will grow into beautiful yellow daisy like blooms. Following will be lots of sunflowers and of course zinnias.

Coming up in the next few weeks will be squash and green beans and further in early summer will be basil and watermelons. We are in that seasonal transition period where we are cultivating to give the summer crops a fighting chance against weeds. 

And of course we will still have mushrooms until sometime in June. The shiitakes have been producing wonderfully and we anticipate having them for a few more weeks. 
That is all for now, thanks for checking in !

-Nicole & Andrew