Happy Spring everyone! We are so very excited to finally have shiitakes at the markets. This year was all about perfecting our methods to grow these in our desert enviorment. We will have them for the next few weeks so get to the markets early because they sell out quick! Shiitakes filled with vitamins (especially B-complex), minerals and have anti-cancer effects. They taste incredible, very “meaty” and hold they’re shape while cooking more than our oyster mushrooms. 

Of course our oyster mushrooms are still going strong. You can expect to see them at the market until early June.

We are slowly transitioning into summer planting mode in the last few weeks. Already in the ground are green beans, calendula and sunflowers. We will be doing a larger variety of bouquets this summer. In addition to zinnias we will be adding echinacea, cosmos and globe amaranth. Our market table sure will be colorful! Most bouquets you get in the stores are filled with pesticides, fertilizers and are terrible for the enviorment. We are so excited to offer organic and local bouquets to the community. 

Things to look forward to in the next few weeks are rainbow chard, turnips, carrots, beets and more arugula.


Also we are looking for volunteers!!! If you or anyone you know are interested in learning how to cultivate mushrooms and helping with daily tasks on a small scale diversified farm please contact us at: 



That is all for now, hope you all are enjoying the rainy April, we sure are! 

-Nicole & Andrew