Hi Everyone. Winter is finally upon us in the San Pedro Valley. We had our first 23 degree night last week and had to rush and pull out the row covers. All our tender baby winter veggies were snug and safe under the covers. Luckily before the freeze we were able to harvest the rest of our heirloom green tomatoes. We sold some at markets and enjoyed a few dishes of fried green tomatoes, yum! The cold weather brought upon the end of our zinnias. These plants were going strong for many months. Although its sad to see the end of flower season Andrew is happy not to be out in the dark on market mornings harvesting them with a flash light!

Our winter root veggies are coming in fast, especially the radishes! We have easter egg and french breakfast this year. I harvested almost 1000 of them the other day for market, its crazy! The turnips are just about ready, we will have them this Sunday for market, just in time for Thanksgiving. They are so good mashed with a little butter, milk and salt. Or cut up and roasted. OR in stews. And don’t forget to eat the greens, they are so tender and delicious! Also on the way are chioggia beets and carrots. They are a little slower so look for them in a few weeks at the market. Our winter greens are filling in and we are offering a salad mix, arugula and a hardy greens mix for cooking or salads (which is kale, tat-soi & mustard greens).

The mushroom season is in full swing. With the colder air in the greenhouse the caps are becoming super thick and dark. This is the time of the year for amazingly “meaty” mushrooms. Its finally cool enough this week to start on shitakes. Look for them in mid-December at our table.

That is all for now. I’ll leave you with a beautiful sunset (and the last of the green late summer grass). Thanks for reading and see you at the markets!