Hi Everyone. So sorry for the delay between posts. We have been super busy on the farm trying to keep up with the summer monsoon weeding! It is pretty much all we have been doing these last few months. The rains have been good to us which resulted in lots and lots of green everywhere. Aravaipa Creek filled up to the most we have ever seen. For a little while we could hear it from our land.

Along with the rains came lots of yard clean-up. Cottonwood trees are notorious for dropping branches everywhere! We got the mower and up running with new tires and I’ve been having a blast buzzing all around on it. Definitely one of my favorite “chores”.

Our monsoon plantings of watermelons and butternut squash have resulted in bumper crops for both of them. We have so many coming in, and they are so small and cute. I cannot wait to dig into the first watermelon! We also planted black eyed peas and they have been selling great at the market. They have great depth of flavor, very earthy, that makes them stand apart from regular green beans. Our second planting of summer squash are doing great as well. We planted a variety called Ronde de Nice which is a french heirloom. They are awesome in a pasta and perfect for the grill.

Finally our pumpkins are ready for market! We planted Long Island Cheese pumpkins back in March and they sure did take they’re sweet time. We are also getting a few Musque de Provence pumpkins which we just about gave up on. As soon as it cooled down a bit the vines started to produce to our delight. Even though temperatures are still hovering in the 90s the pumpkins remind us that fall is here.

Well that is all for now. I’ll leave you with a beautiful sunset and a special visitor. Thanks for reading!