Late May and early June brought in some below average temperatures giving us a little relief from the usual 100+ days. We had two hurricanes blow in from Mexico which gave some incredible steady rain for a few days reviving our bush beans. The harvest has been epic with this variety living up to its name, Provider Beans. We have been picking them every two days and have gotten 80+ pounds from just two rows!

The flowers have been blooming away. We already cut and sold our two rows of sunflowers but plan on planting more for monsoon season (July-Sept). People really went crazy over them and it was so awesome seeing customers walking around the market with our bouquets. The zinnias are just starting to come in and we can tell already that they will be epic. We have some branch sunflowers growing which we plan on turning into bird feeders to have some value added products at our stand.

Its definitely tomato season here. Our 70+ heirloom plants have begun to ripen and we just harvest the first few batches this week for market. Its so fun seeing all the different shapes and colors from these heirloom plants. I like to just sit in the tomato patch and breath in they’re heady aroma. Always smells like summer in there.

How that the temps are starting to rise the melons are really starting to blossom. They are tiny babies now but we have a lot coming in!

The summer squash is just getting started with what seems to be a bumper crop. Market customers are loving our zephyrs, a hybrid organic summer squash with multicolored yellow and light green skin. Oh! And mushrooms are still producing well! We were worried about the hot temps in the greenhouse and not really counting on late May & June being very good for the shrooms. With the cooler night time temps they have flourished to our delight. Now that its getting up to 108 next week there may be a hiccup in production but that is OK, we are busy with the rest of the summer harvest.

That is all for now, thanks for reading! -Nicole & Andrew