May came in with some beautiful cool weather and a surprise few days of rain and thunderstorms. From the past six years of living here I always remember May starting in the 90s and rising quickly to 100 but this year has been a wonderful cool blessing. We had so much rain in the start of the month that Aravaipa Creek started to run again!

Obviously our summer crops were loving all the precipitation. Our squash has been blossoming away and we even harvested our first zuchinni a few days ago.

The tomatoes have been exploding with blossoms and tons of baby green tomatoes. Even the plants that were damaged a few weeks ago with cold weather have been coming back with a vegence.

The bush beans have been putting out the most beautiful purple blossoms and the tiny beans are so cute.

The sunflowers have been growing so fast, some are almost 3 feet tall! We planted a variety of different sunflowers and zinnias for our cut flower bouquets. We are going to have a very colorful market table this summer.

The first part of the month we spent clearing out all the old winter crops. I weed whacked in between the overgrown rows and harvested anything we had left. The fridge is still stuffed with turnips. We believe it is important to keep grass and organic matter growing between and on top of old rows to protect the precious soil from blowing away. It works great as long as we keep on top of it so anything growing doesn’t overtake newly planted rows.

The mushrooms are still producing beautifully, even in the warmer weather. We are hoping to keep producing through June. It may be a challenge in the new greenhouse when it reaches 100+ out but we shall see. It is all new territory in this grow house, lets cross our fingers that it can take the heat! Thats all for now, thanks for checking in! -Nicole & Andrew