Its been a great two weeks with my parents here. Looking back on all we accomplished with them is awesome! My Dad really worked hard on the mushroom area. He built a drainage furrow for the used mushroom water to feed a baby cottonwood tree…

An awesome water system that feeds the swamp cooler in the greenhouse and our hose system for the mushroom tanks…

And organized the whole area to make mushroom log making super easy!

Dad also made a row around a mesquite tree and Andrew planted gourds there. Its going to look beautiful once they start sprouting.

We also got the mower going! All it needed was a new battery and a tune-up. We got the yard looking great and now we can walk through without the weeds blowing pollen in our faces..yay!

We all organized the tools, got the washer/dryer going, cleaned up the old mobile home along with countless other projects. They were an awesome help and now they just need to come out here full time! Now to veggies. The carrots and beets have been amazing. We’ve made some really good stews and roasted them with chicken. YUM!

Next up for harvest is bush beans (green), tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, summer squash, zucchinni, FLOWERS (zinnias & sunflowers) and basil. We got all of our summer stuff in so now its just watering & weeding. Stay tuned 🙂 -Nicole & Andrew