Wow! Its been a month with no updates and we have good reason for that. We finally moved! Got all our stuff out of the little casita and moved into an even quirkier little casita on a ranch next to Catalina State Park. Its a fun place filled with horses, chickens, a hysterical goose named Edgar & a bunch of cool people living in equally quirky adobes.

In addition to moving our personal lives we had a mushroom farm to fully get up to our land. Two UHaul trucks and many hours hauling old mushroom logs and equipment from Tucson to Aravaipa we finally got it all done! Just in time for my Mom & Dad to arrive. WHEW! The are both here right now and helping out immensely. My Dad can fix just about everything and my Mom is a great organizer and helper, its been amazing having them here! Now to just make it permanent… πŸ™‚

Now onto things that we are growing. We picked up about 80 heirloom tomato plants from our friend down the canyon. He runs an heirloom seed company (Araviapa Heirlooms)with his wife and we are super excited to be growing heirlooms this summer. We got the all in the ground with help from Melanie & Alex, volunteers of ours, and they are growing fast already with this warm weather.

The root veggies are still going strong. Our beets, turnips, carrots & radishes make for a beautiful display at the Farmers Market. The colors are so vibrant and the taste, mmmm, so earthy and sweet.

The beans have been sprouting so fast, it feels like we just planted them. Also with the help of my parents and our volunteers we were able to make a ton of new rows and plant summer squash, basil, sunflowers, zinnias and pumpkins this week. I am very excited to be selling cut flowers at market this summer.

I’m sure this week with my parents here we will get even more done so I’ll have lots to post about. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ –Nicole