Wednesday was mushroom shed moving day and what an adventure that was. Our beast of a shed weighed 8000 lbs! Gary from Apache Towing was a rock-star and with all odds against him he managed to wrangle the beast and get it all in one piece up to the property. What a relief! It sits all comfy in its new home and soon we’ll be putting it back to work.

The warmer temps last week have our arugula and tat-soi flowering. Veggies make the prettiest flowers! We picked our first spring bouquet today.

The purple top turnips have been going crazy! We have so many of them its ridiculous. Turnip soup, steamed turnips, pickled turnips. The greens are incredible as well so don’t throw them out! The chard is coming along although we had some deer damage to some of the plants. Still plenty left and they are going strong.

See you next time! -Nicole & Andrew