Hello and welcome to our first blog post! Spring has come early to our farm. Lots of rain in Aravaipa Valley then above average temperatures has everything growing like crazy, including the cottonwood trees! Its been awesome to drive down the San Pedro Valley and see the ribbon of bright spring green. Its wonderful to sit under our cottonwoods and look up into the baby leaves during a mid-day siesta.

The vegetables are going strong here. Our sugar snap peas have been producing the most delicious crunchy peas. The beets are almost ready for harvest and Andrew was able to sample a baby beet last week. So sweet!

We finally got around to purchasing an Earthway Seeder! This tool is amazing and cuts down on so much planting time. It plants and covers seeds simultaneously and Andrew has been having a blast with it.

This week we are moving up our mushroom shed from Tucson. That means we will be able to really get cranking on producing tons of Oyster Mushrooms for our markets! We have been making mushroom logs in Tucson then driving them up to the Farm to fruit, so this final move will make our lives much easier. Our carrots are looking amazing! I cannot wait to eat the first one. Also the spinach is coming along and will be ready for harvest soon.

The ladybugs are out in force! They are our first defense against many types of bugs and they love our tatsoi and radishes.

See you next time! –Nicole